“God sets the isolated into families” -Psalm 68:6

We believe that life is better together. We have amazing groups that meet in homes all over the city,
where we can come together as family and share food, laughter and faith.

Our groups meet every other week, and we encourage you to find one that works best for you!

(Next Group Week: May 6-9)

The Halls

Hosted by: Scott and Laura Hall
Meets: 6pm every other Sunday – Downtown

Contact Scott and Laura for more info

The Bonds

Hosted by: Wes and Jennifer Bonds
Meets: 2pm every other Sunday – Signal Mtn

Contact Wes and Jennifer for more info

The Cumbaas

Hosted by: Brentt and Rachel Cumbaa
Meets: 7pm every other Tuesday – Hixson

Contact Brentt and Rachel for more info

The Scotts

Hosted by: Chris and Stacy Scott
Meets: 6:30pm every other Wednesday – Downtown

Contact Chris and Stacy for more info

The Hollis'

Hosted by: Jeff and Ashley Hollis
Meets: 6:30pm every other Wednesday – East Brainerd

Contact Jeff and Ashley for more info