Line Dancing

(Tuesday nights in August, 6pm at the Mac Avenue Event Space)

Our very own Gail Dawson will be teaching line dancing at the Mac Avenue Event Space for a few weeks. This event is free to the public, and it’s a great chance to meet some new people, burn a few calories, laugh and have lots of fun!

Relevant Family Night

(6:30pm Sunday, September 1st at The Mac Avenue Event Space)

Relevant Family Nights are a monthly event geared towards the entire family, and a great chance to connect and grow together. Family Nights will include a time of discussion in the banquet hall, as well as ministry for middle/high school students and a fun time for younger children.

Child Dedications

(Sunday, September 19th)

We will be having a child dedication during our Sunday service on September 19th. This is a special time where we, as a church family, can join together and pray for parents and their children. If you are interested in dedicating your child(ren), please register below :