Counter Culture

The difference we have in the world is the difference we can make in this world

Peace in a Troubled World

The arrival of Jesus is the arrival of peace on earth.

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Being Family in a World of Isolation

Our cultural trend is to try and go through life with as little dependence on others as possible. God has created us for relationship with Him and with each other.

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Thankful in a Critical World

On the heels of Thanksgiving, we consider how we can live in gratitude in a world that focuses so much on the negative.

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Living Slow in a Hurried World

The world moves at an unhealthy pace, but Jesus offers a better rhythm to life...the unforced rhythms of grace.

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Being Love in a World of Selfishness

God is love, and the way we reflect Who God is to the rest of the world, is His love shining through us.

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The Fuel of Transformation

In our introduction to our new series Counter Culture, we consider the fuel that creates a counter culture in this world.

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