Gospel Fueled

A series about what fuels our lives, the heart underneath everything we do.

Gospel Fueled Confidence

In our series conclusion, we talk about the importance of our confidence being rooted in the love of Christ, and because of that love, what He has done for us.

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Gospel Fueled Prayer

Gospel fueled prayer can be summed up with the phrase "cast your cares upon Him, because He cares for you."

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Gospel Fueled Worship

Worship isn't a style of music, it's not just something we do during the first 20 minutes of a church service, worship is a beautiful exchange.

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Gospel Fueled Generosity

In a world of 'my life for me' the gospel creates in us a heart of 'my life for you.'

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Gospel Fueled Relationships

Jesus didn't come in order to add more tasks to a list, He came in order to move every obstacle between us and a relationship with the Father.

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Gospel Fueled Good Works

God has created us for good works, but what are these good works and who are they for? This message is a conversation about what happens when these good works start with the gospel working in us.

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No Other Fuel

We are designed to be fueled by the gospel, this is a conversation about what the gospel is and why it's not the predominant message in our culture.

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What’s My Motivation?

There is a motivation for everything we do, a 'why' behind every 'what'. In a results-oriented world, it's easy to overlook the motivation of our heart, but while man sees the outside, God sees our hearts.

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