It is Well

A series about the health of our soul

He Restores My Soul

Even with the best of intentions, we grow weary in doing good. This life takes a toll on our soul and we need a life-giving spirit.

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Rest for our Soul

Jesus makes an invitation to anyone who is weary & heavy-laden, to come and find rest for their souls, but how many of us realize how much we need it?

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My Soul Needs an Anchor

There are many storms in life, and our souls tend to drift. What we need is an agent of stability, something is constant to tether our souls to...we need an anchor.

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A Calm and Quiet Soul

A conversation about Psalm 131 and the authors statement about calming and quieting his soul

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Is it Well with Our Soul?

3 John says that we'll prosper as our soul prospers, real life happens from the inside out. This message is an introduction to a very important conversation about the health and the well-being of our soul.

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