One Thing

Moving from the complexity of religion, to the simplicity that is in Christ

One Thing is More than Enough

A life focused on One Thing is not a restrictive or small life. It's a life without limitations or boundaries, a free life in Jesus. He's more than enough, and in Him we have been made complete.

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One Thing You Lack

In this message, we contrast Jesus' encounters with the rich young ruler and Zaccheus. To the person who thought they had it all together, Jesus responds with "one thing you lack." It was the man who was aware of his brokenness who realized he has everything in Christ.

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One Thing I Ask

Within the frantic pace of our culture, something that is seemingly impossible to do is just abide.

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One Thing I Do

Paul makes this important statement to the Philippian church: "one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind & reaching forward to what lies ahead." The one thing he does is shifting the focus off of who he was and instead fixes his eyes on Who Jesus is.

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One Thing is Necessary (we’re all Martha’s)

Jesus' statement to Martha concerning her sister Mary, that only ONE THING is necessary, is a loving invitation to leave the life of worry and performance. It's an invitation to come, be still and know that He is God, and He's got it!

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