Summer through the Psalms

Psalm 116

Christians so often live with an enormous sense of debt toward God, and spend much of their time trying to repay Him for their salvation. The author of Psalm 116 takes a different route, after asking how he could ever repay God, his answer is to take more from God.

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Psalm 133

God Himself is a picture of perfect unity, and it's His heart for us to be one. David writes of this priority and significance in our lives. Life is better together!

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Psalm 51

David wrote Psalm 51 at a very low point of his life, it was in his brokenness and desperation that he worshiped. When his life was seemingly falling apart, his eyes were opened to what truly mattered, his soul would only be satisfied in God.

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Psalm 131

David was a king, a hero and a legend...he had an unimaginable amount of pressure, but he writes "I've calmed and quieted my soul." In a loud and stressful world, how do we find this calm and quiet for our souls?

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Psalm 22+23

There is a major difference between the way Psalm 22 starts and the way Psalm 23 does. Something happened within David...God was restoring his soul. It's a surgery that we all desperately need, we'll prosper in every respect, as our souls prosper.

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Psalm 24

David spends the first half of Psalm 24 asking the question "who can ascend the mountain of the Lord?" He answers that question with requirements that none of us can ever meet. But it's in the second half that we find hope, as we look to Jesus, we are lifted up!

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Psalm 42-43

Something we may not often consider, that is a consistent theme through the Psalms, is the heath and wellness of our soul. In this message we consider how much the author of these Psalms speaks to all of us.

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Introduction – Psalm 118

In the heart of the heart of the bible is this verse, "It is better to take refuge in the Lord Than to trust in man." This message is a conversation about how resistance is fruitful, God changes and grows us the most through the tough parts of life.

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