Under the Sun


A Better, Simpler Life

The conclusion to our series through Ecclesiastes

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You Can’t Buy Peace and Joy

So much of our lives are spent chasing after things that we believe will finally give us the peace and joy that we crave. There's only One place to find the peace and joy that our souls crave, in the One Who created us.

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Living Life Open-Handed

So much of what we do in our daily life is motivated by this deep desire to prove ourselves. So we work and strive with no end in sight in order to justify ourselves to everyone, including to ourselves. What if all the proving has been finished and all we should labor and strive for is to enter His rest?

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Living for Legacy

The idea of legacy is an important one for us. This message is a conversation about the legacy we live for and leave behind.

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Control Freaks

In this world, we're not ultimately in control, but He is and we can trust Him!

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The Anchor of My Soul

The book of Ecclesiastes does a tremendous job of confronting all the things, smaller than Jesus, that we tend to tether our souls to. It also spoils the outcome of that endeavor, it's like striving after the wind. Ultimately, Jesus alone is our hope and the anchor of our souls.

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Series Introduction

An introduction and overview to our message series through the book of Ecclesiastes

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